6 Foods That Increase the Risk of Diabetes in the Elderly

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6 Foods That Raise a Senior's Risk of Diabetes in Montgomery, AL

Diabetes affects many people each year, including seniors. Aging adults are at higher risk of developing diabetes due to inactivity and poor eating habits. Here are some of the foods older adults should avoid eating to decrease their risk of developing diabetes. 

1. Cakes, Donuts, and Cookies 

Sweet treats lack nutritional value and increase blood sugar levels, leading to weight gain, which can cause diabetes. Instead of eating cakes, donuts, cookies, and other low-quality carbohydrates, your senior loved one should eat fresh fruits. Berries, apples, and other healthy fruits slow the absorption of glucose, helping seniors control their blood sugar levels. 

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Bacon may be a popular breakfast item, but it is one of the unhealthiest food choices for seniors. The saturated fat found in bacon can cause inflammation and other issues that lead to diabetes. Inflammation causes insulin resistance, raising blood sugar. As a result, older adults could develop type 2 diabetes. Instead of eating bacon and other high-fat meats like bologna and hot dogs, aging adults should eat turkey, shellfish, and skinless chicken. 

3. White Bread

Refined starches are made with white flour, which acts like sugar once the foods are digested. Eating white bread interferes with the body’s ability to control glucose, increasing the odds of developing diabetes. Instead of eating white bread, pasta, white rice, and other refined starches, older adults should consume barley, brown rice, whole-wheat bread, and whole-grain starches that elevate their glucose levels. 

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4. Pretzels

Many people believe pretzels are a wholesome snack, but the sodium, white flour, and corn syrup found in pretzels can increase the risk of diabetes in older adults. Although pretzels are baked instead of being fried like most potato chips, the refined carbohydrates still raise blood sugar levels. Pretzels do little to satisfy the appetite, causing aging adults to overeat. Instead of eating pretzels, your loved one can snack on nuts, nonfat yogurt, or rice cakes, as these snacks are filling and contain protein, which balances blood sugar. 

5. Industrial Vegetable Oils

These refined oils put seniors at risk of obesity, inflammation, cardiovascular issues, and diabetes. Corn and soybean oils are industrial oils that increase fat consumption in older adults. Avoid using butter when cooking for your loved one. The best oils for aging adults are lavender, avocado, and olive oils. These oils protect the body from oxidative stress, prevent high blood sugar levels, and lower the risk of diabetes. 

6. Sodas and Sugary Beverages

Older adults should drink water, unsweetened teas, sugar-free juices, and other healthy non-alcoholic beverages. Sugary beverages such as sodas, lemonade, and sweetened tea can increase the risk of developing diabetes because of the high levels of sugar in the drinks. The beverages can cause insulin resistance and reduce the ability to respond to the insulin hormone.

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