6 Tips for Supporting a Friend Who’s a Caregiver

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How to Show Support to a Caregiver Friend in Montgomery, AL

Friends are like gold to caregivers who sometimes need to rely on others to keep their spirits high. While your friendship will change now that your friend is a caregiver, you can still use the following tips to stay close and provide support.

1. Offer Compliments

Caregivers often have a running list of everything they did wrong or failed to accomplish. Your friend may also receive negative feedback from other family members who have no idea what being a caregiver is like. A genuine compliment may dispel all of this negativity. When you see your friend doing something amazing, let him or her know. While verbal praise is always welcome, you might consider writing down your compliment in a pretty card your friend can refer to later when he or she needs another boost.

2. Share a Funny Story

Your friend may not have time for long conversations or lunch dates. However, you can share a quick tidbit of information that makes him or her chuckle. When you see something funny, send your friend a quick text or write it down in an email. Your friend will love having the random opportunity to laugh, and it’ll feel good to know you’re thinking of him or her.

3. Ask Deep Questions

Close friends have a unique position that allows them to share things they might not say to a stranger. Take advantage of your insider status by asking your friend the tough questions someone else may be afraid to ask. For example, asking your friend if he or she feels like giving up lets you know if it’s time to step in with more formal types of support. One way you can help is by offering to find a respite caregiver so your friend can go to counseling.

Montgomery respite care professionals can assist seniors with a wide array of daily tasks, offering family caregivers the chance to focus on other personal responsibilities or take a break to prevent burnout. Whether it’s for a few hours a day or a few days a week, respite care is the perfect solution for family caregivers who are feeling overwhelmed.

4. Extend No-Pressure Invitations

Family caregivers often feel as though their social lives are slowly slipping away. Make sure your friend knows he or she is still in the loop by offering invitations to attend special events or to just hang out. Then, follow up every invitation by telling your friend that you understand if he or she is too busy with caregiving duties. This way, your friend knows that he or she was thought of, and you never know when he or she may choose to come.

Family caregivers who need time off to attend social events should consider hiring a professional in-home caregiver. When researching agencies that provide senior home care, Montgomery, AL, families are usually looking for flexible care plans, compassionate and highly trained caregivers, and 24/7 availability. Whether your family needs respite care to take a break from your caregiving duties or your senior loved one needs around-the-clock assistance at home, you can rely on Home Care Assistance.

5. Offer to Help with a Specific Task

The best way to offer someone help is to state what you’re going to do and let him or her decide to accept it or not. For example, you could tell your friend that you chopped up too many vegetables for the week and want to drop some off to help with meal prep. Alternatively, you could mention you’re running to the post office and ask if he or she needs you to drop off any mail.

6. Say Something If Your Friend Seems Burned Out

Good friends are willing to call each other out when it’s necessary. If you notice your friend is depressed or isolated, you need to say something. As you do, be careful not to pass judgment. Instead, express concern, and be prepared with a few ideas for possible ways your friend could take a break, such as having the number of a respite caregiver on hand.

Seniors can face a variety of age-related challenges. Though some families choose to take on the caregiving duties, there may come a time when they need a trusted Montgomery senior care provider. Families sometimes need respite from their duties so they can focus on their other responsibilities, and some seniors need around-the-clock assistance that their families are not able to provide. Home Care Assistance is here to help. To talk to one of our home care experts, give us a call at (334) 593-3988 today.


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